Beauty Tips


The best way to keep hair shiny and healthy involves an excellent diet, regular exercise and disciplined lifestyle, but a hair gloss treatment can help on a short-term basis. A hair gloss is a type of transparent hair dye that gives hair an attractive shine without affecting its color; if required, color can be added to the gloss. The hair gloss enhances natural hair, gives longevity to colored or highlighted hair, helps dull hair look better and, as the gloss covers the hair shaft, it also protects hair from damage.


Hair color is a great way to make a stylish statement.t  While you can darken, lighten, or add highlights or lowlights to your hair, there are also unique options that vary from bright rainbow hues to pretty pastels. If you’ve noticed that your hair color is more brassy and fades quickly, it’s time to reconsider how you care for your hair color.

Here are some beneficial tips that will keep your hair color vibrant longer.

1. You’re not deep conditioning enough. Frequent deep conditioning leaves hair softer and more manageable while preserving the color. The healthier your hair is, the longer any type of dye will stay. Damaged hair, like split ends, makes it harder for the color to adhere to the cuticle. So if your strands are damaged, your hair color won’t last as long.

2. You’re not using a shampoo and conditioner with color protecting ingredients. They are specifically formulated to be both gentle and protective. Look for ingredients like UV protectors, butters and oils to moisturize and hydrate, as well as protein to restore the damage that coloring can cause. And ALWAYS sulfate free.

3.  You’re overusing your heating tools. Keep blow drying, flat ironing and curling to a minimum. This zaps any moisture right out of color-treated hair, and is more prone to breakage and damage from these high-heat tools.  If you do need to use heat on your hair, take precaution by using a heat-protective product.

4. You’re washing your hair too much. Color’s worst enemy is water. Colored hair absorbs and releases water easily. As it exits, water takes along color molecules. Wash no more than twice a week. On the days in between, use a dry shampoo at the roots to soak up any oil.

5. You’re not conditioning after every shampoo. You probably think you can skip conditioning your hair every time you shampoo, but conditioning is just as important, if not more. Make sure you are conditioning your hair– especially the longest part. The tips can be several years old and hold the most damage, whereas the roots are only a couple of months old. Start by your ears and work your way down to the tips.

6. You’re using water that’s too hot. As tempting as those steamy hot showers may be, it can be harmful to your hair. Heat makes dye bleed faster, so hotter water loses color quicker. Instead, washing your hair in lukewarm water will help your hair color stay brighter longer.



Day 1

Bask in the glory of your freshly blown-out hair. Avoid touching your hair, which will cause it will lose volume and stimulate your scalp to produce oil. Before bed, wrap hair loosely in a silk scarf.

Day 2

Your hair should still be in pretty good condition today. Use a comb to part hair an inch or two further to the side for some extra volume. Again, avoid touching!

Day 3

By this point, your hair is probably starting to look and feel a bit limp. Revive roots with a restyling spray like Ouidad's Refreshing Spray.”Spray it on your roots before using a round brush and hairdryer to refresh your strands. 

Day 4

Dry shampoo is your best friend. Which effectively soaks up excess oil and makes roots look fresh. Apply it to the crown of your head and then let it sit for a minute before brushing hair to remove any signs of the powder.

Day 5

One of the best reasons to skip shampoo is that it’s much easier to style dirty hair. Unwashed hair has the texture to stay in place, plus pesky flyaways won’t get in the way. Apply more dry shampoo at your roots as well as a heat protectant before curling hair with a curling iron. Bouncy waves will camouflage any dirtiness.

Day 6

When we think of dirty hair, we think of perfect braids. Without wispies and flyaways to worry about, your plaits are better than ever and no one will realize you haven’t washed in days. 

Day 7

You finally made it! Before you run for the shower we have one more style up our sleeve. Use a texturizing dry shampoo majorly boost your volume and create a trendy topknot. Add a headband or sparkly barrette to dress up the style.


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